Acworth Christian Church (c. 1858)

(Acworth Christian Church Congregation) In 1858, Acworth had been established as a watering stop for the Western and Atlantic Railroad, but would not be incorporated until 1860.  That year, Nathan Smith, an established evangelist, founded the Acworth Christian Church, which originally was located on Mitchell Hill. Smith was one of […]

McConnell House ~ Art House (c. 1902)

(Acworth Arts Alliance) The McConnell house is thought to have been built in 1902-1903. The original owner, Jeff McConnell, did not  have a formal education, but was able to read, write and manage several businesses in the Acworth area.  His most successful business was a shoe repair, which started in […]

Winnie B. Chastain Awtrey House (c. 1880)

(Pat Cory) This is our second Charm Debut this year, and it’s yet another charming home. Built in the 1880s, this Victorian house sits across the street from the Old Mill on Southside Drive. It features five fireplaces, an old-fashioned parlor, den and dining area, pristine hardwood floors, 10-foot ceilings, […]

Jesse L. Lemon House (c. 1880)

(Serendipity House ~ Darlene Knight) Jesse L. Lemon was the son of banker Smith Lemon, who was born to James Lemon and his wife Mary. James was a War of 1812 veteran and state representative in DeKalb County.  They moved to Cobb County in 1843, and then to Acworth in […]

Carrie Dyer House (c. 1851)

(Linda & Wes Hardwick) This is our first Charm Debut this year, and what a stellar one it is! This is a true antebellum home. There are two homes nearby of the same style and architecture. One of the homes is where William Tecumseh Sherman strayed during the Civil War. The six-over-six windows were […]

Our 2nd Movie Set!

We have another movie set on this year’s tour! The first day of filming for SELMA was at the old jail in Acworth. Interestingly enough, One of the pictures shows Center Street Tavern, the sponsor this year, and rumor has it, they’ve got some shenanigans planned for this year’s candlelight […]

Original Acworth Jail (c. 1935)

(Acworth Cultural Arts) The original Acworth Jail was built in 1935 for $3,000 ($60,346 in current dollars*) with assistance from the Federal Emergency Relief Administration. The new “escape-proof” jail contained six cells and housed the city council room. [1] The building was in use as a jail facility until 1995 […]

Acworth Presbyterian Church

(Acworth Presbyterian Church Congregation) Capt. Lemon was one of the founders of Acworth Presbyterian Church. The church was built in 1875 on land donated by James’ brother, Smith Lemon. [1] The Acworth Presbyterian Church was established in 1870 as a mission from the Mars Hill Church.  Thirty-four members were dispatched […]

R.L. McMillan House (c. 1900)

(Carol & Tommy Allegood) One of the McMillan brother, Robert Lee “Bob” (1866-1947), married Marie Knox of Kentucky, and had six children.  Bob was first a chair maker, then a partner in McMillan Brothers (now Wild Blossoms), and later a vice-president and president of the Bank of Acworth [1] (Dr. […]

Honeymoon House (c. 1907)

(Jill & Duncan Dunlop) The Awtreys, one of Acworth’s earliest families, were well known for social gatherings and merrymaking. [1]   This large Craftsman bungalow was built on the corner of Dallas Street and Seminole Drive by Lemon Awtrey in 1907 for his bride, Varah Hill. The home contains 13 rooms […]