Honeymoon House (c. 1907)

(Jill & Duncan Dunlop)

The Awtreys, one of Acworth’s earliest families, were well known for social gatherings and merrymaking. [1]  

This large Craftsman bungalow was built on the corner of Dallas Street and Seminole Drive by Lemon Awtrey in 1907 for his bride, Varah Hill. The home contains 13 rooms and 5 bathrooms and features stained glass, decorative shingles and a door with a transom and sidelights.  Lemon was a president of the S. Lemon Banking Company, Mayor of Acworth in 1918-19 and served as a long-time Alderman. [2]

In the late 1930s under the financial pressures of the Great Depression, the Awtrey family was forced to develop their pastureland, and Seminole Drive became Acworth’s first in-town subdivision.  Prior to the sale of the land, by lottery, the Awtreys had a grand barbecue on the property. This barbecue tradition continued during the wartime years when families would spontaneously gather on an empty Seminole lot for impromptu picnics and cookouts. [3]

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