R.L. McMillan House (c. 1900)

(Carol & Tommy Allegood)

One of the McMillan brother, Robert Lee “Bob” (1866-1947), married Marie Knox of Kentucky, and had six children.  Bob was first a chair maker, then a partner in McMillan Brothers (now Wild Blossoms), and later a vice-president and president of the Bank of Acworth [1] (Dr. Rosenberger‘s old office, next to Henry’s). [2]  He also served as Acworth Mayor and as an Alderman, where he was instrumental in bringing water and electricity to Acworth. [3]

The Bob McMillan home on Northside Drive was built in the early 1900s with architecture influenced by folk Victorian and Craftsman style as evidenced in the photo below.  Six of the original ten acres of property are still intact.  The remake of Footloose was partly filmed here. [4]

Behind the Bob McMillan home sits an older, simpler cottage.  According to local lore, a deaf mute named “Chick” lived here.  Chick, a freed slave, used her hands to communicate and lived in the cottage until her death.   Until recently, the cottage had no electricity or running water. [5]

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Image Courtesy TCPics

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