Sprayberry House (c. 1937)

(Mindy & Raoul Newman)

Built in 1937, this Neo-colonial 2 story house has a front portico that has Doric columns and a pediment. The windows are 6/6 double-hung sash. [1]  The house was built by Mr. W. Paul Sprayberry who was elected Superintendent of Cobb County Schools in 1943, and served for 17 years.

Sprayberry was previously principal of Powder Springs and Acworth Schools. [2] Sprayberry High School is named after him, opening its doors in the fall of 1952 then moving to its present location in 1973. It was the only public high school in East Cobb for over a decade, when the area began its transformation from rural to suburban. [3]

While Serving as Superintendent, he was also the chairman of the building committee for Acworth Methodist Church, which oversaw the construction of the new Church on “The Hill of the Lord”. [4]

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