Golf Cart Shuttle Routes

Here are maps for our golf cart routes!

Due to the construction on near the school, we do NOT advise walking if you park there. Please text CART to 404-491-7724 with the number of people in your party and we will send a golf cart (or 2). This only applies to those parking at #1, all others will have golf carts running by on regular basis.

2021 Tour Map

Here is the tour map that is in the center of your ticket books so you can plan your parking an how you wish to see the homes.

If you have not picked up your tickets yet, you can pick them up Friday, until 3:30 at the Old Jail, Stop G, or Saturday at the Depot.

New ticket sales, $50, on the day of the tour will be at the Old Jail, Stop G.

The Holbrook will be running a shuttle bus from their stop H to the center of the tour so you can visit their open house in one of the Cottages, with drinks and refreshments.

Though the entire tour is easily walkable we will also have golf cart shuttles, sponsored by Aroundabout Local Media, doing various routes.

Tickets are HERE!

We are so excited the tickets are here!

You can PURCHASE or PICK UP pre purchased tickets at the the Acworth Cultural Arts Center at the Old Jail (4367 Center Street), next to Center Street Tavern and behind Fusco’s Via Roma during the following times:

-Wednesday, November 3: 9am-12pm & 1pm-3:30pm
-Thursday, November 4: 2pm-6pm
-Friday, November 5: 9am-12pm & 1pm-3:30pm

On November 6, the day of the tour:
Pre purchased Ticket pick up will be at the Depot at the intersection of Main Street and Lemon Street
New Ticket sales will be at the Old Jail but ticket price will increase to $50

2021 Charm Tour… it’s happening!

Please note that the ticket link will take you to a secure site, we are currently working to fix the issue with this page. No information is gathered by this page.

This year’s tour includes 2 homes new to the tour as well as the newly remodeled Acworth Christian Church. More details and tickets HERE! Or text CHARM to 404-491-7724

All proceeds benefit Brookwood Christian School‘s Dyslexia Reading Programs (EIN: 20-8499098)
& Acworth Cultural Arts Scholarship Program (EIN: 46-4390654)

Hello Charmsters!

Welcome to our new website! We are glad you visited and hope to have the site fully functional within the next month or two.

Unfortunately, as a result of the COVID-19 uncertainty, considering the health of our homeowners, volunteer staff, and our Acworth Community, we will not be having the tour this year. It was a very difficult decision to make, but we feel it is in the best interest of all involved.

Instead of a tour, we have a few things planned that will not involve any gatherings, and we are considering this a “sabbatical” rather than a cancellation.

This tour started as a fundraiser for Brookwood Christian School and was such a huge success. Year 3 saw a HUGE increase in participation, even though the weather was awful; and then the following year was a great success too.

However we had reached the point where we had maxed out our resources and staff.

Then miraculously, an opportunity presented itself.

In 2019 Brookwood Christian School partnered with Acworth Cultural Arts to make this a fundraiser for both charities and to showcase the charm of our wonderful community.

We are so grateful for your generous support over the years and excited that it has made it necessary to restructure and move to a more “serious” website, committees, and planning, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Therefore, we plan to use this year to work on making the Acworth Charm tour even better. We are thankful that ALL of the homeowners and other buildings have agreed to be on the 2021 tour planned for November 6, 2021.

We will be completely revamping our website & planning, and will keep you posted with all our progress. We will also have exciting news coming soon!

Stay tuned as Acworth Charm heads into a new and exciting realm. : )