Movie Sets on our Tour?

Two of the sites of this year’s tour were on the same movie set!

The 2011 remake of ‘Footloose’ was originally set in a fictional Tennessee town because they originally planned to film in Tennessee. However, Georgia ended up winning the filming location and the fictional town in ‘Footloose’ became Bormont, Georgia.

Acworth Presbyterian Church, which appeared on our first Candlelight Tour in 2019, as well as this year’s Candlelight Tour, was used as the Church of Bormont where Dennis Quaid’s character, Reverend Moore, is the minister. The R.L. McMillan house on Northside Drive was used for the home of Reverend Moore and Ariel, who is the minister’s daughter. The home belongs to Acworth’s Mayor, Tommy Allegood, and his wife Carol. Tommy & Carol had to vacate their home during the 18-day shoot. The home was also featured on our 3rd Annual Tour in 2017.

Carol was also  featured as an extra during one of the church scenes, along with Kim Wigington, Headmaster of Brookwood Christian School, one of Acworth Charm’s Hosts.

Cast and crew members were also busy at our local restaurants such as Dogwood Terrace and Fusco’s via Roma. “Though business owners can’t put a figure on it, they claim the extra traffic was a boost to the Main Street economy.”

Kim Wigington, far right in upper picture.
Bottom Left: Acworth Presbyterian | Bottom Right: R.L. McMillan House

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