Our 2nd Movie Set!

We have another movie set on this year’s tour! The first day of filming for SELMA was at the old jail in Acworth. Interestingly enough, One of the pictures shows Center Street Tavern, the sponsor this year, and rumor has it, they’ve got some shenanigans planned for this year’s candlelight […]

Original Acworth Jail (c. 1935)

(Acworth Cultural Arts) The original Acworth Jail was built in 1935 for $3,000 ($60,346 in current dollars*) with assistance from the Federal Emergency Relief Administration. The new “escape-proof” jail contained six cells and housed the city council room. [1] The building was in use as a jail facility until 1995 […]

Movie Sets on our Tour?

Two of the sites of this year’s tour were on the same movie set! The 2011 remake of ‘Footloose’ was originally set in a fictional Tennessee town because they originally planned to film in Tennessee. However, Georgia ended up winning the filming location and the fictional town in ‘Footloose’ became […]

Cherokee Sponsor: CC on the Gogh

Each of our Cherokee Sponsors is an independently owned & run Cobb County small business. Please support each of them along with our other local businesses as much as you possibly can. <3 Meet our 1st Cherokee Level Sponsor, Creative Canvas on the Gogh, born out of ingenuity, creativity, and […]

Acworth Presbyterian Church

(Acworth Presbyterian Church Congregation) Capt. Lemon was one of the founders of Acworth Presbyterian Church. The church was built in 1875 on land donated by James’ brother, Smith Lemon. [1] The Acworth Presbyterian Church was established in 1870 as a mission from the Mars Hill Church.  Thirty-four members were dispatched […]

Meet Our Docent Coordinator!

Everyone…please meet our 2021 Docent Coordinator, Deborah Hill. Deborah has been part of the Acworth Community for quite some time and has been instrumental in fundraising for local causes. She is also part of our Magnolia Sponsorship team, Anchor Realty. If you are interested in participating as a Docent, or […]

Want to Volunteer?

A Charming Tour in a Charming Town needs Charming Volunteers! As this tour grows, and we anticipate a large number of participants this year, we will need volunteers in a variety of areas. If you are interested, please click HERE for more details and updates and then complete our VOLUNTEER FORM […]

R.L. McMillan House (c. 1900)

(Carol & Tommy Allegood) One of the McMillan brother, Robert Lee “Bob” (1866-1947), married Marie Knox of Kentucky, and had six children.  Bob was first a chair maker, then a partner in McMillan Brothers (now Wild Blossoms), and later a vice-president and president of the Bank of Acworth [1] (Dr. […]